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Kicking Up the Flavor of Vegetables with Dry Rubs

Posted on July 21, 2023 by Rickey Harvey

When you aren't a large fan of vegetables, it really is difficult to assume actually enjoying them when looking at a lot of green beans on your own plate. There exists a solution though, also it comes by means of dry rubs!

Dry rubs certainly are a mix of spices which are usually used to include flavor to meats ahead of cooking. However, with just a little imagination you can include this same flavor to your vegetables, taking them from bland and ordinary to sumptuous and delicious.

The process is easy. Place your selected vegetable in a roasting pan and lightly drizzle having an oil of one's choice...we usually use essential olive oil. Then take your preferred dry rub, and liberally sprinkle to taste over your vegetable. Stir the vegetables, oil and dry rub together to thoroughly coat, and invest a 400-425 degree oven to roast. It really is that easy.

The best part is that dry rubs use virtually any vegetable...beans, beets, broccoli, potatoes, and much more. It really is entirely your decision as well as your culinary imagination to choose which dry rub to utilize and which vegetables. A few common and popular combination are Lemon-pepper and green beans and Poultry or Steak Rub and potatoes.

Try this system and we guarantee you will not see your vegetables exactly the same way again!.