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Virgin Coconut Oil

Posted on August 3, 2022 by Rickey Harvey

The idea would be to mix virgin coconut oil together with your daily cooking, meals, desserts, drinks, or whatever cuisines you prefer. OK, let's see you skill...

Virgin coconut oil and chocolate

Try adding virgin coconut oil to your chocolate milk, or hot cocoa since they blend perfectly. Or, it is possible to melt a bit of chocolate bar, then add tablespoons of virgin coconut oil and put it in your freezer for chocolate ice.

Virgin coconut oil for bread toasts

If you habitually use butter for the toasts, you will want to altering the butter with virgin coconut oil? Add also some wheylow sugar and cinnamon to attain better taste.

Virgin coconut oil in your pudding and ice cream

Mixing virgin coconut oil with pudding is another great option. You can include some oatmeal too. Check it out also in your banana ice cream. Virgin coconut oil and banana makes an excellent mixture.

Of course you may still find a lot of ideas how exactly to perfectly blend virgin coconut oil together with your daily meal. It is possible to mix it with coconut cream, orange juice, hot milk, or you can also use it to create popcorn!

If you utilize it as cooking oil, you can include some seasoning to help make the food tastes better.

Do some experiments of your so you as well as your family may have not merely delicious, but additionally balanced diet.