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Deep Fry Chinese food

Posted on July 6, 2022 by Rickey Harvey

There are usually 2 ways of deep frying in Chinese cooking:

- Deep frying the components directly

- Deep frying the ingredients with batter

The latter is the most widely used method. Here are a few pointer in how to deep fry Chinese food most efficiently.

The sizes of the ingredient bits should be uniform. The measurements, including the depth of the bits that you are frying should be as close as you can get them. Otherwise, some bits will be overcooked, some will be undercooked, and also the colors will differ piece by piece.

Marinade the components at the batter/paste This will enhance the taste and the aroma of your cooking.

Maintain adequate oil temperature The oil temperature demand for each dish will vary based on the ingredient types, sizes, batters, wraps, etc.. For those not easily cooked through, they will call for cooking twice (see below). For those easily cooked through, it can be done only in heat. When deep frying, maintaining constant oil temperature is a necessity. Most idealy, the components will need to be put in together. If you are cooking large portions, then split them up, but still place each split servings in together to have the same taste and color. Once done, pick up them with a strainer to save the appearance.

Deep fry Twice on components that are not easily fried Some dishes such as the ones that need chicken or fish wrapped into balls are not easily cooked through when deep frying. So these will call for deep skillet twice. The first time using moderate heat until 70, 80% cooked. Take them out, crank up the heat to high, then deep fry them again to achieve the desired effects.