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Simplify Your Menu Planning

Posted on March 16, 2023 by Rickey Harvey

To begin, check the household calendar. Grab the grocery sales ads, a sheet of paper, a pen as well as your favorite recipes or cookbooks. Yes, and pour yourself one glass of iced tea or brew a cup of one's favorite hot tea.

Next, fold your sheet of paper into eighths by folding in two, side-to-side, then fold in two, top-to-bottom and again top-to-bottom. Now label the eight squares: meat, dairy, produce, canned, bakery, frozen, staples and non-food. On the far side of the paper; label the squares with the times of the week.

Then, check the pantry, freezer and the refrigerator for what supplies you're starting with. Before starting planning; check the grocery sales ads to see what the specials are.

Now, exactly what will you have for supper on food shopping day? That is vital that you decide. There is that it's far better either make dinner using what you curently have in the home or plan a straightforward meal because of this night, just depends upon your schedule. Jot down each day's menu, then list what side dish, bread, dessert or salad that you'll prepare. Consider what you have previously on hand to get ready the meal with and add what's had a need to your grocery list on the far side of the sheet of paper. Continue with another days of the week.

While planning, consider "planned leftovers" or slowcooker meals for the busy days. Slowcooker meals may also be ideal for Sunday lunch once you get back from church. Cooking in the home can save you the big bucks over taking everyone out for meals! Make a supplementary meal (which may be frozen) on the times you have significantly more time. Remember about plans for breakfast and lunch! After making your menu plan, add other non-food items which you will have to purchase this week.

Go shopping together with your list!

After shopping, consider what can be carried out as you put the groceries away. Boil some eggs for an instant egg salad later in the week. That is also a great time to fit in a double batch of Jell-o with fruit for dessert or snack this week. Rather than freezing that large roast you purchased on sale, go on and start cooking it on lower in the slowcooker. Even though the roast will never be for tonight's dinner, the cooked roast could be kept for a couple days to produce a nice dinner tomorrow or sandwiches for lunch sometime this week. You can even freeze the cooked roast. Just use freezer zipper-seal bags and put in a little of the broth. About two glasses of cooked meat equals one pound. This is great on a night once you go back home late or have a supplementary busy day. Just defrost and heat it up, adding a side dish like rice or mashed potatoes and a salad for an extremely quick meal.

You've taken enough time to create your menu plan, and gone shopping to obtain what is had a need to prepare the menu, now post it on the refrigerator to remind you of one's plan this week. Every morning, before 10 o'clock, determine what'is for supper...and if the plan must be adjusted in accordance with changes in your schedule.