Bad eggs are rare but they do happen. Crack eggs into a separate bowl before mixing with other ingredients. If the egg is bad it will have an unmistakeable odor.

If you discover an egg stuck into the carton, fill the indentation with cool water and let sit for five minutes. The water will soften the dried egg white that’s holding the egg in the carton.

Many techniques are used for cracking open an egg. Their is a simple way you can use if you would like to keep the eggshell from the frypan. Using the following procedure will keep the egg shell from shattering when you crack the egg.

1. First, find a level surface, you need to crack the egg on a flat surface rather than on the edge of counter or skillet.
2. Put the egg in the top portion of the palm, between your thumb and first three fingers. Leave a space between your ring and middle finger. Give a brief, sharp crack into the exposed area on a level surface.
3. When the egg is cracked, quickly bring the egg over the bowl or pan and spread apart the two halves of the shell. Pull down the lower half down with your ring finger, while pushing the top half with your thumb and middle finger. The egg will slowly fall into the bowl as the casing spreads apart.

If you drop an egg on the ground, pour salt on the ground, heavily. Wipe it up fifteen minutes after. Salt will put up the eggs so it’s much easier to clean up.

If you must clean up a mixing bowl which has eggs coated onto them, use warm water. Hot water may prepare the egg protein and make it more difficult to wipe off the bowl.